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What We Do

We provide solutions that empowers your organization and keeps you in control, enabling a faster, simpler, more affordable and easier way.

We like hard problems that with the right approach can be solved in a few keystrokes. Systems may deal with great complexity, but using the systems need not be complex.

Helping you maximize your reach and impact is what we love the most.

“Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow.” – Anthony Robbins


Our Approach

We have spent a half century performing product development and integration in diverse industries. We have launched multiple programs and products and evaluated many many others for success factors. Our innovative approach, world class competence, and unwavering vision of a better world guides us in each project.

We work mostly with community officials charged with expanding broadband access who need to identify areas of broadband inequity, obtain funding and prioritize projects. We offer flexible and cost-effective mapping, design and costing software that empowers your organization to achieve its goals for high-quality and affordable connectivity.

No one should experience a breaking point. It’s our mission to empower others by finding new ways forward that are faster, accurate, simpler, more affordable and easier to use.

Based on the mathematics of operations research, we create custom project deployment tools for multiple companies. Areas include but are not limited to logistics, broadband deployment, GIS, optimal routing, purchasing, inventory management and others. We are currently licensing our broadband analysis software. OptiExpress®, which embodies three products, OptiMap®, OptiFab®, and OptiDesign®.